Monday, 4 April 2011

SAMMI Weekly 28th~ 4th (2): Google, Amazon and Dev Tips

Samsung Developers shares the weekly highlights with fellow developers.

Here's the part II of this week; on Google, Amazon and Dev Tips

(Part I is found at this link)

-Google, now has co-founder Larry Page as CEO, has launched the in-app billing feature in Android Market. Now "Free to download + Microtransaction" model is also available to Android developers.

- Adding to the 'Apple-Google-Microsoft triangle', Amazon continues to be aggressive; it expands its territory to personal Cloud service as well as Appstore. If Amazon serves its SDK with cloud-related feature, Android ecosystem could be strongly influenced by it.

3. Google & Amazon


- Ice Cream rumor; 2.5 version of Android, aka Ice Cream Sandwitch, is rumored as OS for multi-device;TV+Tablet+Smartphone

Ice Cream = Google TV + Honeycomb + Gingerbread

Google Sets Role in Mobile Payment

Google enters group messaging fray with Disco

+Like Browser Extension Pretty Much Eliminates The Need For Google +1

What Google’s +1 Means for Facebook


- The dinosaur of online-commerce launched its own Appstore for Android, which is regarded best in terms of commerce-infra; payment, personal recommendation, wishlists, and Try-and Buy feature.

- In addition to Appstore, Amazon introduced it’s private cloud service, providing 5GB storage and real-time streaming music service for free. Based on its huge infra for media content, the cloud service could have impact on current cloud services.

Amazon's Android Appstore Will Let You Try Apps Before You Buy Them

Amazon launches digital music locker

Amazon Beats Apple And Google To Cloud-Based Music Storage/Streaming

The Cloud Will Be Your Hard Drive, Despite The Record Labels’ Greed

Amazon, Music, And A Sunny Forecast For The Cloud

Amazon Still Has A Gigantic Growth Opportunity, Even In Books And Electronics

4. Dev Tips

- Payment matters, as Android Market adopted in-app billing.


Stealth online payments startup Stripe draws backing from PayPal founders

April App Store Report: Momentum Shifting To In-App Payments

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