Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Location, Location, Mobile

(hosted by Mobile Manifest, Leeds 14/07/11)

This event was all about Location based services offered via mobile and Samsung was able to present their own (developed at SERI) Location based Social Networking app on bada - BuddyFix.

BuddyFix is a open source project, which can be downloaded here. We've also put some videos together to help you get started using the BuddyFix code (viewable on our YouTube channel, or directly here)

Sameer, doing his best phone hacking ecosystem mashup

The presentation, by our own Sameer Ballewar, was an overview of both the bada ecosystem and BuddyFix, the most social location based application we know of! 

Location is an interesting topic, which doesnt seem to have been fully monetised yet... I wonder if there is room at the table for a small (low cost) location based advertising firm? Perhaps this is a growth area for our current map providers, NAVTEQ? All they would need is a good CMS & some campaign managers to sell the results?
Sameer's presentation is currently available to view on Slideshare if you've not seen it before,

its worth a look. It covers the whole bada ecosystem, the technologies available to developers and of course BuddyFix, the location based social messaging service available free from Samsung Apps.

View more presentations from mbortens.

Sameer also ran through a live demo of BuddyFix, showing the viewers what a powerful location/social mash-up it can be. You get to see your friends on the map, and send them messages in real time, allowing you to make the most of your time and hook up with like minded people in the blink of an eye!

(I bet he didn't search for friends with the word "sexy" in their name though...try it, its scary!)

For more info about bada check developer.bada.com


  1. Great Sameer! All the best!!!

  2. This is very good demonstration of BuddyFix. I like this demo. It shows that how can you get your friends on map.


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