Monday, 4 April 2011

SAMMI Weekly 28th~ 4th (1): Samsung News, Market Trends

Samsung Developers shares the weekly highlights with fellow developers.

- War among business models begins, as well as the Platforms' one. So the way of payment is getting importance.

- Researchers release their prediction on mobile industry.

Big agreement on strong growth of overall market, a bit controversial at each share of it.

(ABI says bada takes 10% of market in 2016, ahead to WP7 taking 7%)

1. Samsung News

- Samsung expands its territory to payment, even to Femtocell.

- bada, the service platform of Samsung own, newly introduces features to be added at 2.0 version.

Samsung and Visa to bring NFC payments to the London 2012 Olympics

[bada] Stay tuned for new services

Femtocell Market Gaining Traction; Samsung and Alcatel-Lucent Lead Early Market

2. Market Trends

- Reports on Market prediction released.

- comScore reports US Mobile Market share, and IDC predicts it in 2016


comScore Reports February 2011 U.S. Mobile Subscriber Market Share

Mobile Analytics Poised for Strong Market Growth

100 Million Club – H2 2010 – Winners and losers in the OS Arena

[Forecasts differences]

- Forecasting the future market share, some interesting controversy was there.

IDC sees the furture of WP7 is quite positive comparing to Android, but Asymco doesn't agree with it.

btw, ABI says the low-mid end market will be taken by Samsung bada and WP7 in the future.

[IDC] IDC Forecasts Worldwide Smartphone Market to Grow by Nearly 50% in 2011

[Asymco] The controversy of playing it safe: What’s IDC’s Smartphone Market Message?

[ABI] Android Will Seize 45% of Smartphone Market by 2016, Says ABI Research

[Media Market]

Gartner Says Media Tablets Help Drive Worldwide IT Spending Up 5.6 Percent in 2011

Media Tablet Shipments in EMEA Are Expected to Reach 22 Million Units in 2011, Says IDC

TV Everywhere Platforms Targeting Connected Devices Will Drive Video Delivery Investments to More than $2 Billion in 2016

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