Tuesday, 5 April 2011

AiRaid - Rise of the Undead available on Samsung Apps globally

Our bada game AiRaid - Rise of the Undead passed the quality assurance (QA) process and is now globally available on Samsung Apps.

Rise of the Undead is an Augmented Reality (AR) first-person shooter app for bada phones. Three different types of ghosts circle you in a 360 degree manner, attack you, and lop off. You are equipped with a vacuum blaster. Goal is to suck up as many ghosts as possible within two minutes and not getting killed. Then you can enter your score in the highscore table.

Check out the Rise of the Undead video on YouTube

With this game we exploit a variety of different bada features. We use OpenGL ES to model and display the ghosts. The camera is used to get the live feed in, which is then overlaid by the OpenGL objects (ghosts and head-up-display). The compass sensor is used to correlate your horizontal movement with the actual position of the ghosts. We use the tilt sensor to assess the vertical movements. bada's multimedia features are used for soundtrack and in-game sounds and vibration for haptic feedback. The touch interface is used to interact with the app and most importantly to activate the red hoover suck button to suck up ghosts.

Rise of the Undead is actually a game "themed" to our ghost topic. It is based on the AiRaid framework that encapsulates the game physics. This is independent from the theme, i.e. appearance. The theme can be exchanged.

bada developers might be interested in the fact that we currently assess possibilities to provide the AiRaid framework as an open-source project. This would allow you to re-use our code to develop your own Rise of the Undead-like apps and also to contribute to the code base to add more and more features over time. Before we do so, we need to do some code clean-up, though ;)

Let us know what you think about AiRaid and do some tweeting using the #AiRaid. You can also tweet your best Rise of the Undead screen grabs (press HOME and LOCK keys) on twitpic using the same #AiRaid. We also have a fansite on facebook.

Currently, we are working on a new version of Rise of the Undead which will allow to tweet highscores or publish them on facebook.

On a side note: Rise of the Undead is entirely Samsung. Even the sound used for sucking up ghosts is recorded from a Samsung vacuum cleaner (Model SC9120) ;)

For more info about bada check developer.bada.com

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