Thursday, 7 October 2010

bada SDK 1.1.0 Migration

Migrate your app to maximise distribution!
News officially broke yesterday morning about migration from SDK 1.0.0 to SDK 1.1.0 - we've been working feverishly away on the accompanying video and notes to make the process as easy as possible (we are all pretty happy with the results). Developing with SDK 1.1.0 will allow access to the new range of Wave handsets ensuring maximum exposure to your application in the coming months. 
I'm not as technical as I'd like to be, but as far as I understand it its a matter of getting a new app ID and manifest file, while taking care of auto-scaling and transparency to make sure that the look and feel remains as expected. For more information I'll let our excellent video speak for itself -

For more information check out this nifty bit of documentation or the main site

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