Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Free Samsung Wave Apps Chart (Week 40)

Lots going on in the world of bada at the moment, a new handset on its way to Germany, a new SDK enabling users to develop for the next generation of smart phones and more tabs flying around than you can shake a stick at! Good to see some things have remained nice and calm -
  1. Need For Speed™ Shift - Electronic Arts
  2. Magic Torch - Magic App's
  3. BBC NEWS AND SPORT - Samsung Mobile UK
  4. Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior - Bruce Lee Enterprises, LLC
  5. Connect 4U - Tobias Wohlfrom
Verily, your eyes doth deceive you not - we have our rogues gallery of Apps back in the top five most downloaded again (apologies - I am reading Robinson Crusoe at the moment). It seems there is a clear demand for superb driving games - why not check out Raging Thunder II from Polarbit AB?
Do not operate while driving. 
Aside from incredible graphics and a nice smooth driving action, this one has a map, allowing you to plan your play, read the road and ensure you trounce the opposition!
"Wheels on fire, rolling down the rooooaaaad"!

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