Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Free Samsung Wave Apps Chart

This week, the free samsung wave apps chart is looking quite robust. A nice selection of both games and utilities, with one of the best moon base/space shooters I've seen in a long time rising to the top...

Space Hell Rocks!
1. Space Hell - developed by Marcin Nowak
2. FinalStrike3D - developed by Grzegorz Adamczyk
3. WAMO Camera - developed by HyongAsoft Corp.
4. Magic Torch - developed by Magic App's
5. pool - developed by MobilePie Ltd

An additional in-game challenge
We've looked at the other apps on the list before, so I want to have a look at Space Hell in a little more detail. As a Sci-Fi fan, I'm always keen to see a little off-planet action, so I was pleased Marcin maintained the vibe from The Last Man On Mars and Speedforge Extreme (also worth checking out and highly recommended!). So the story goes something like this - you are in space, you are armed, and you are escaping! If you are a little retro like me, imagine Prince Of Persia, with an assault rifle and laser beams shooting at you. Did I mention the killer mutant dog type things or the robots? Also worth mentioning are the accelerometer based mini-games, which come as a bit of a surprise, with all the blasting and the boxes and the big falls to your death! Check it (and its brethren mentioned above) out now for a futuristic adventure!


  1. Wow. Nice list of bada apps. I'll share this.

  2. Nothing like tweetdeck, skype and other apps we just to use on Android. And this is why Bada sales so badly with lower price than mid-phones..

  3. Wow!! it seems as if no phone could ever survive without Skype and related...

    As I can remember, Skype for Android was released on October 2010, 3 months ago. And we're talking about a platform with more than 2 years on the market...

    I'd also like having lots of apps... but I also like having a quite good phone...


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