Saturday, 9 October 2010

Useful Free bada Apps

My Wave goes everywhere with me, and as such, it gets into all kinds of trouble right along with me. I'd even go so far as to say its become an extension of me - the background is straight from NASA, the Ring tone is an Electro classic and the alarm clock attempts to define my biorhythms. Take a look under the bonnet and you will also see the apps generally fall into categories broadly matched to my interests, a couple of games, some weird test apps and lots of practical (free) utilities, like -

AppSize (Dave Cox) 
If, like me, you often download free bada apps, this is a virtual godsend! It lets you know how big each program is, so if you are fighting for more space on your Wave, you can discover exactly how big your apps are (BTW - If you want to change the install location of your apps from the phone to a memory card go to Settings -> Memory-> Default memory)
!!Additional Kudos goes to Dave for his Icon!!

bSizes (SIDI)
This is a really useful little app in the days of on-line international shopping - you enter your size and it converts it into a Brazilian, American and E.U. I'm not quite sure what the E.U. size is, but hey its a free app and is useful for the other size conversions. I was surprised to see it had no size 9 in men's shoes but again, I am willing to forgive!

Blinkie (Andreas Schroeder)
Blinkie is an interesting idea if you ever need a highly visible blinking light - perhaps if you were in the countryside, underground or camping with your wave, you could use the, well, blinking screen (which comes in Yellow, Red & White) to draw attention to yourself. This could be pretty useful for warning room-mates about company or something? Ideas on the back of a postcard, then simply choose your colour and press the start button as it says on the site...

Free Torch (Stefan Jaeger)
Use at your own risk, this free app makes use of the camera's LED flash to give you a clear, bright, no frills torch - just what you need when the power goes out! This is an excellent solution to a problem I've had for some time, but beware - it's going to drain your battery if you depend on it, so again, worth having for emergencies, but nothing beats the real deal!

What do you think? Any apps you'd like to see on your Wave?

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