Tuesday, 24 August 2010

bada Global Developer Challenge - Prizes

As mentioned yesterday, we're in the last week of entry for the bada Global Developer Challenge, so I thought it'd be nice to drool over the prizes again one more time. The first batch of 300 submitted applications deemed awesome enough will get a brand new Wave handset sent to them just for submitting their app!
The remaining 90 entrants will then enter the on-device testing phase, followed by the final Panel Judgement phase. Prize pool includes -

The Samsung bada Champion - $300,000 (hallelujah!)

Category winners (excluding the Samsung bada Champion)
First place – 7 x $100,000
Second place – 8 x $60,000
Third place – 8 x $40,000
Third place – 8 x $40,000
Special winners: 10
(*)The Simplest is the best – 10 x $30,000
The 2nd phase (excluding the category winners) 56 x $8,000
* 10 Special Winner prizes are being awarded to small capacity applications that demonstrate high performance with optimized algorithms and images. For example: Apps that can reduce network overhead, apps with binary image sizes of 1M or under.

I cant wait to see what "the Samsung bada champion" creates, but am also very interested in these 10 Special Winner prizes too - its a really clever way of potentially streamlining future services & network traffic etc. 

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