Thursday, 6 August 2009

Making the most with MoSync

The latest in our series of technical papers, which bring you analysis and instruction from some of the leading authors in mobile development, comes from the team at Pragmaticomm. In his own words, John Pagonis explains what piqued his team's interest in this innovative cross-platform development tool:

"We at Pragmaticomm, after meeting with the MoSync team couple of years ago at the Smartphone Show, were really impressed with the technology and the team behind it, so we wanted to dig further. As with other companies we have been under pressure lately to bring the cost of development down while spreading across more device platforms, so we got back to Mobile Sorcery for a trial run and this is how this investigation on the Mosync SDK happened.

Our domain is Mobile VoIP, which is not ideal for such investigation, so we chose to build a mobile shopping application instead. Since this is outside our remit of projects, we thought that it would be interesting and also indicative of the problems a new developer would face on MoSync, starting with estimating the project and navigating around new APIs. We found out that MoSync was no harder than other environments and that for many domains it can really make a difference in getting your product to market when you need to cover many OSs - no matter what. Give it a go, it may not save money for everyone right now, but certainly it will be a worthwhile programming experience and for those of you that don't have the time, read on... "

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