Monday, 23 August 2010

bada Global Developer Challenge - Final Submission Week!

This week marks the start of the countdown to the deadline for submissions to the Global Developer Challenge. Once we hit the 31st August, the simulator phase will end and the top 300 lucky entrants will receive a free Wave handset for entering their application in the challenge. 
The top 90 qualifiers continue on to the Device Phase where they will be tested to ensure the highest possible quality. As I understand (from Samsung HQ) they have been swamped with entries, so I can't wait to see what kind of cool developments the top entrants make use of in their apps. I wonder if any RSS style feed programs have been entered? What about a mobile mixing deck? A media player visualisations pack?

What cool apps would you like to see come out the other end of this competition?

Here is a reminder of the categories - 
1. Mates and dates
How do people manage their social (and love) life in the mobile world? Do you have an application that can help them out?
Keywords: Dating, friends, communication
2. Entertain me
When you are stuck in a meeting, on a bus, or in a waiting room, what kind of an application makes the time pass by? Or simply break up the day and make you smile?
Keywords: Games, puzzles, media, music, film, TV, fun
3. Freaks and geeks
An active interest in technology is now considered cool.
What kind of an application appeals to someone who is obsessed with mobiles and gadgets?
Keywords: Hard-core games, studying, learning, computing, technology, Otaku, advanced utilities
4. Easy life
We are all now busier than ever, with more work and less time to play. What kind of an application helps us make the most of our spare time and enjoy it more?
Keywords: Shopping, restaurants, location, remote control, fitness, tourism, pets, parents, children
5. In the workplace
The mobile device is an integral part of our work, even more so than a computer, because the mobile device is always with us. What kind of an application can make us more productive, profitable and perhaps less reliant on the physical office?
Keywords: In a meeting, behind the desk, on PC, out of office, news, diary, schedules, etiquette, medical, truckers, musicians
6. On the road
Wherever we go, our mobile is with us, both at work and at free time. What kind of an application makes our mobile the most valuable piece of equipment that we have when we travel; whether around the corner or across the globe?
Keywords: Productivity, communication, office applications, expenses, email, touring and travel, news, blogs
7. Older and wiser
Mobiles are not only for the young, or simply for entertainment and fun. People use mobiles to assist them with their studies, hobbies and family matters. What kind of an application can help these people get more from their device?
Keywords: Reference, research, information, collecting, parenting and babies, recreation, art
8. Down to business
Mobile devices have enormous profit-making potential. Samsung bada is the perfect platform to create new and innovative business models. What kind of an application or service can generate revenue?
Keywords: mobile shop-fronts, subscription, commerce services, billing

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