Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Free Samsung Wave Apps Chart (Week 34)

Those of you in the upper percentile of most IQ tests will notice my week numbering gaffs recently. I’ve been told not to report from the future anymore, and am now firmly rooted in the present (curse you Outlook!), so please continue reading for the free Samsung bada weekly apps report (from the present - sorry Phil!) -

1. BBC NEWS AND SPORT by Samsung Mobile UK
2. Connect 4U - Tobias Wohlfrom
3. Need For Speed™ Shift - Electronic Arts
4. Magic Torch - Magic App’s
5. LocalJokes - Anahata Solutions

Well, I wouldn’t have seen this coming if it’d had rolling 24 hour coverage on it… Who would have thought that a widget, which is already embedded on your Wave when you get it, could be so popular? We’ve covered all the entrants on this list in the past few weeks apart from the new number five - LocalJokes from Anahata Solutions. I had to scroll through the first 10 before I found one that raised a chuckle, and one or two were definitely a little too explicit for younger downloaders. It usually takes someone getting a serious injury involving a patio door and a Hobnob biscuit on You’ve Been Framed to make me chuckle, so perhaps I’m not the best reviewer of this kind of thing (If anyone else has tried it, please feel free to let me know if its raising a giggle?)

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