Thursday, 1 September 2011

The Wave family FAQ's

Q : What is the target market of the Wave family with the bada platform?

Wave Family ( 525/533/723/578 )
A : The target smartphone user is shifting from early adopters to the majority of mobile phone owners. For those who are not yet familiar with smartphones, the bada platform has seamless usability compatible with the existing mobile phones and has various functions and better performance just like other Samsung phones. So we created the Wave phone range with the aim of offering the ‘My First Smartphone’ experience. The Wave range offers something for everyone, and is very affordable, so we expect great things for these devices. 
Q: What is the worldwide sales distribution for bada-embedded smartphones? What are the countries in which they are gaining popularity?

A: bada is highly popular all over Europe including France, Germany, Italy, and Poland and Asian countries including India, China and Russia also show high popularity. bada is not region specific, instead aimed at the global market. Because of their highly competitive prices, bada smartphones are especially popular in countries that show sensitivity about prices or have reasonable consumption tendencies.

Q: Does Samsung plan to support 4G smart phones on its bada platform in 2011?

A: We have no plans to support 4G smart phones on our bada platform this year. In 2011 we are concentrating on introducing bada smart phones to new markets.

Q: What is Samsung’s strategy for developing markets (Africa and Middle East)? What trends are you seeing?

A: An exponential growth in mid-range smartphone is expected in developing markets. Leveraging the premium brand image in smartphone markets, we will expand the smartphone portfolio from high to mid-low segment.  As you may have seen online recently, we will also introduce bada-based mid-range Smartphones later this year.

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