Friday, 2 September 2011

bada 2.0 & Ecosystem FAQ's

Q: What new features are introduced in bada 2.0?
To develop the bada 2.0 platform, Samsung Electronics analyzed a variety of feedback offered by consumers and app developers on the previous versions. The newly-enhanced bada 2.0 platform provides a variety of new features which allow bada smartphone users to truly appreciate the smartness of their smartphones.
Moreover, it enables third-party app developers to fully utilize the various bada’s functionalities as well as develop the apps that the developer wants to realize.
bada 2.0 now provides advanced usability through Multi-tasking with no limit, Voice recognition and improved UI Framework. In addition, Communication functions including NFC, WiFi-Direct, Push Notification and multimedia function like 3D Sound enable bada to support various applications better. Developing web application is also supported by HTML5 and JavaScript APIs newly added. Development tool, which is most important to app developers, is also upgraded for better productivity and usability.

Key Features include:
Main Copy
Sub Copy
Main features
See What’s Next
Get What’s Smart
Accelerated Functions
Multi-tasking , Voice recognition
NFC , Wifi direct, Push notification
 3D Sound
Extended Developer Coverage
HTML5 , Flash, WAC 2.0
JavaScript Framework
Enhanced Tools
Performance Analyzer
Enriched Business Opportunities
In-app Ads
Global store & Various billing system

bada Ecosystem 

Q: Currently how many bada applications are there? What is its expansion trend?

A: Samsung has enhanced the ‘Samsung Apps’ retail store and expanded full availability 121 countries worldwide. With bada 2.0, more differentiated functions will be offered from Samsung Apps, including new purchasing options and app recommendation. Samsung Apps has proved a successful destination since the launch of the original Samsung Wave in June 2010. It received 10 million app downloads in just 3 months and passed the 100 million-mark in March 2011. The store currently houses approximately 40,000 applications including 15,000 applications available for bada smartphones.

Q: What kind of measures does Samsung have in place for bada developer support?

A: Samsung bada provides full technical support for bada application development. Samsung has established a global bada evangelist network including countries such as Korea, the UK, the US, India, China , Poland and Ukraine to provide the best developer support programs both online and face-to-face in addition to bada application development classes with universities and education institutes. In addition, Samsung is having ‘bada Developer Days’ to meet bada developers all over the world. In 2010, more than 40 Developer Days across 38 countries took place. To promote the bada 2.0 platform launch and its smartphone announcement, a bada Developer Day 2011 Global Tour is planned.

Samsung opened the bada Developers website ( that provides full technical support for bada. Developers are able to download the latest development tools and discuss technical issues in the bada Forum at this site. In addition, Samsung opened the Samsung Application Store Seller website ( that gives developers various types of sales support.

Q: What percentage of the profit from application sales will go to the developers?

A: 70% of the revenue generated by applications goes to the developer. The remaining 30% will be used for operating expenses, shares for operators and billing costs on the Samsung apps platform.

Q: What kinds of incentives do you offer developers?

A: There are two key benefits to being involved with bada. First is the number of smartphones on which developer applications will be available. Our leading position in the touch phone market and the fact that bada is approved to work on full touch devices means that the numbers of devices for which developers can create apps will continue to grow. Secondly, we have a simple and easy-to-use API based on C++ for developers. Lastly, our simple and functional user interface provides an ideal opportunity for developers.

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