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[Guide] Become a Samsung Apps Seller

Any difficulties you met with becoming a Seller at Samsung Apps?
Samsung Developers provides you a all-in-one guide for becoming Seller at Samsung Apps. Go to Seller Office, submit/get certified your app and win big at Samsung Apps!!

0.     Introduction
Once your application development is complete, the next step is to publish your application at Samsung Apps. The following explains what happens when you register your application at the Seller Office and provides some important tips to make the most of the publishing process.

1.     Go to Samsung Apps Seller Office

You can access the registration menu by clicking [Join Now] on the Samsung Apps Seller Office website (
http://seller.samsungapps.com/). After registering as either a private seller or a corporate seller in the "Seller Type" field found on the 'Join Now' page, you can enter your seller information. 
If you already have membership to either Samsung Apps, Samsung Mobile Innovator or bada Developers, you may proceed with the registration using your member ID from any one of these websites. Once your subscription is complete, you can register free applications for distribution on the site. To sell paid app, you will need to enter into a commercial seller status. (For more information on commercial seller status registration, visit the Samsung Apps Seller Office)
2.     Submit your app
When you register your app to the Samsung Apps Seller Office, you follow the process below. 
Note: the process can be different for each platform; bada and Android.

- The Application Submission process (Genaral)There are just three steps required for submitting an app- ‘Basic Information’ should contain device, category and binary data. ‘Display Information’ is what you would like your customers to see, and finally there is a ‘Final Review’ stage of the submission process. This process is applied to all the platform Samsung Apps supports; bada, Android, etc.

- The bada Application submission process
When you register your bada Application to Samsung Apps, you should follow the additional processes Samsung requires. Visit the bada Developers site (http://developer.bada.com) and download a manifest.xml file for your app at the [My application] section.
               <Tip: Protect your app from illegal copying with the Zirconia (for Android) >
  Zirconia inspects the license of an application being executed to prevent illegal use. Zirconia checks for a license from the license server upon the initiation of an application and stores it on the device. It also checks for a license from the server if the stored license has been removed or damaged. The license from the server is unique for each device and application. Therefore, when an application on a certain device is copied onto another device, the application will not execute correctly.

                    -. Developer Guide for Zirconia

Get you app certified
Next, your application will go through certification. If your app is rejected before it is available to go on sale, you can have your application re-examined without upgrading its version. However, if your application is available for sale and has been rejected, you must first upgrade the application version before requesting a re-examination. For more detailed information please refer to the Publisher Guide on the Samsung Apps Seller Office site.

It is important that if you wish to revise and resubmit your application for re-examination, DO NOT DELETE the application from the Seller Office application list. Go to Seller Office > Applications, and click the [View] button for the rejected application in your list of your applications. Check the reason for rejection and re-register.

4.     Upgrade your app
You can of course upgrade application versions that are currently registered, at the Seller Office. Go to Sales Status, select the application and click the [Edit Application] button on the Application Details page. The steps from here on are the same as when you first registered your application.

Note that this is a version upgrade that only pertains to your registered application at the Seller Office. Version upgrades for applications under My Applications at bada Developers only pertain to those applications registered at bada Developers and are upgrades to the development version. The two versions do not coincide. To upgrade your bada Developers application, follow the guide at Samsung Apps Seller Office.

5.     Promote/Monetize
  Promotion of your application is essential, with the best applications naturally rising to the top of the download charts. At launch, it’s crucial to leverage all available resources to promote your application as much as possible. Listen to your users and peers, who may recommend upgrades for the next version, identify bugs or request additional features you might be able to charge a fee for. Take the time to prepare banners and other campaign materials, so you can spread news of your application via social networks, email lists and friends and family. You can create and submit marketing materials to support your application yourself.

  Different pricing models allow you a unprecedented freedom when marketing your application. A user might download a free restricted version of your app, a slightly fuller ad-supported version or the full version at a premium price. “Freemium” is a great way to upsell customers who may like to try before they buy.
You can find out more about pricing models in our Getting Started Article (http://developer.samsung.com/start.do)

6.     Conclusion
  We have tried to make selling your application with Samsung Apps as easy as possible and believe that with a little preparation before you submit your app for review, this process should usually be complete within a few days. If we encounter any issues with your app when we do our final review we will let you know, and do our best to assist you in resolving any issues you may come across. If you need any additional information, our getting started guide should provide some of the recommended steps to help your project go from the drawing board to the app store. If you’d like to know more, please explore the rest of site or get in touch.

For more info about bada check developer.bada.com

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