Monday, 18 April 2011

SAMMI Weekly 11th~ 18th : Samsung News, Market Trends

Samsung Developers shares the weekly highlights with fellow developers.

This week, SAMMI continues to introduce news for the developers those're hesitating to dive into a certain mobile platform. Take a quick look below and make it happen.

1. Samsung News

- Samsung has released the new version of Samsung Theme Designer.

- Link below contains binary hardware support files for Nexus phones that are available for users of the Android Open-Source Project.

2. Market Trends

[ Market ]

- As SAMMI mentioned last week at this link, predictions of researchers on total size of Smartphone market which is based on platform are different from each other. This week, SAMMI introduces one more forecast in the WLAN's point of view.

- Here's another thing, in terms of impression share of Mobile Ad. InMobi's Mobile Insights Report says the findings on it.

- Post-platform era would be service-centered one. How about analyze the market with the services they support?; The mobile services landscape: Can OEMs compete with platform vendors?

- Of course the Web, is one of the most important and interesting factors in this mobile industry. Here's a great presentation on it with full of insights.

[ China ]

- Needless to say, China is the biggest market globally. So it is in online game market of course; China’s Online Game Market Set To Top $8 Billion By 2014

- Facebook, now is targeting there. Facebook May Strike China Deal With Baidu

See the most impressive contents at;

Developers, see the guideline what Samsung Developers suggests at;

And the last 'Weekly Highlights', you can find it at

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