Tuesday, 20 September 2011

[Android] Here's some updates for you

Last week, Samsung Developers introduces several updates for Android developers. With the features Samsung Developers provides, developers can develop a variety of apps with NFC features, protect them from illegal copy and make another big revenue.

1. the booming technology-NFC is coming to your Android device. 
- Near Field Communications in Android


As all knows, Near-field Communication (or NFC) is a standard defined by the NFC Forum, a global consortium of hardware, software/application, credit card companies, banking, network-providers, and others who are interested in the advancement and standardization of this promising technology.

This linked article guides on NFC in android mobiles. It assumes that the user has already installed Android and necessary tools to develop application. It also assumes that the user to be familiar with basic knowledge of Android and Java.

2. Now protect your app(and your rights) from illegal copy
   - DRM in Android


This article is intended for Android developers wishing to develop mobile applications that use DRM API. It assumes good knowledge of Android and the Java programming language. This article focuses on DRM and therefore explaining Android technology is out of the scope of this documentation.

3. Here's a deal; one of the most efficient way of making revenue in your apps

- [Library] Plasma Library (In-App Purchase)


- [Article] How to sell items inside your applications using Samsung Plasma Library

If you want to sell items inside your applications such as in-game coins, levels and others, you may need to set servers up to communicate with, you may need billing infra to gather payments, you may need to manage interactions with users for authentications, payment and many other things. Plasma will simply handle all those things mentioned above and you don’t need to worry about it.

The only thing you need to do is make your applications include Plasma and communicate with it. For example, with in-app purchase of items, your applications just invoke the purchase method of Plasma and receive the result of the purchase in the method of the listener method. Plasma will show dialogs, communicate with Samsung Apps server and invoke the listener methods to return the result of the request.


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