Monday, 1 August 2011

Top Samsung Apps (July) - Games

Get ready for your weekly commute with our round-up of July's top ten Games, free for your Samsung Mobile today!

Fancy blasting some aliens? How about escaping a maze? Or maybe blasting some aliens, while escaping a maze flying like a leather clad lizard? July's top free games on Samsung apps surely has something for everyone?

1.  Crunched PaperToss
2.  Just Bounce
3.  Turn Em Pro*
4.  SplatzAim
5.  MemoryFun
6.  Lyric Legend
7.  Tank-O-Box Trial
8.  Hoops
9.  Frantic Fishing
10. NinJam

Its funny, when I wrote the summary for this blog, I wouldn't of thought that crunching a ball of paper and throwing it in the bin would of been number one.. Strange how we've become (In my day, we used to get off pretending we were mystical beings with the power to fight evil etc etc)

*Not a "coaching game"

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