Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Top Samsung Apps (July) - Social Networking

Looking to get social with your Samsung Smart-phone? Why not start here and get the top ten best Social Networking Apps free today!
1.  ZeroFacebook
2.  touchFacebook
3.  Bada Revolution Link Widget
4.  Social Net Widget
5.  Eme Ese Ene msn
6.  RockeTalk
7.  Kint Messenger
8.  twitter.touch
9.  SNS Launcher
10. BuddyFix

Regular readers will know we are all slightly biased round these parts towards Buddyfix, so I'd recommend you check that out first - it scans your Facebook contacts (if you let it) and adds them to your Buddy list - so you can share your location with them on a map. Its great for meeting people on the move & coordinating a social happening!

Get social!

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