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[Success Story] Major bada application developer: Starwind Games

Developer Profile

Starwind Games is a Russian game developer whose mobile game, Battle Frogging is one of the most popular paid apps currently available on Samsung Apps, Samsung’s mobile & TV application store. Since it launched in October 2010, the game has received a high number of downloads, and has ranked in the top download lists for over 8 weeks. The initial release of the game was exclusively on bada, Samsung’s own smartphone platform.

With its fun story and likeable characters, the cartoon-style game quickly gained popularity among Samsung Apps users. Battle Frogging’s appeal lies in its appeal for the whole family: it is both an arcade and puzzle game, where players will need accuracy and planning skills.

Developer Interview Q&A

Q: Tell us about your application; what are the main characteristics?

A: Battle Frogging is a cross-platform game, which was initially developed exclusively for Samsung bada. The success of the game led it to be released across all major smartphone and tablet platforms.

The game is a classic, physics-based arcade puzzle. The story is about little frogs who are trying to defend themselves from evil beavers. In the game, the frogs need the player’s help to punish the offenders and deal out justice.

Players need to defeat beavers in all levels by shooting frogs from a wooden cannon. There three types of frogs. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. The player has to choose carefully, and think on their feet.

Q: What are the benefits of working with Samsung Apps and bada as opposed to other online stores? What are the unique features of developing for bada?

A: bada is young platform, so it was interesting to try it. Also, some of us developers already have a Samsung Wave handset, which is really great device. Samsung Apps is a very well organized store, and it’s easy to use from both the developers’ and customers’ points of view.

Q: What do you think is the greatest point of distinction between bada and other platforms?

A: We like that bada has C++ API, which is a well-known and easy-to-use language with a huge existing code base.

Q: Your application has been very successful in Samsung Apps. How do you feel about it and do you have plans to develop game sequels or additional bada applications?

A: bada remains our primary platform, and we are planning to release some more titles soon. One of them is a Battle Frogging sequel called Beavers Revenge. Another game which we think will be popular among bada users is Elemental Wars, a fantasy strategy/RPG game with an epic story and magic battles. The game will be submitted for certification at the beginning of June.

Q: How would you assess Samsung’s bada developer support and related activities?

A: bada’s developer support works well, and we’ve never had any issues.

Q: Samsung recently announced reaching 100 million downloads in the Samsung Apps. Has this quick success on the Samsung Apps meant a shift in development priority?

A: There was no change for us, because we were already focused on bada as our favorite platform!

Q: What are the biggest challenges for people new to the market to overcome when creating a new app? Please give some advice for new developers interested in entering this space, particularly if they are bada app developers.

A: Developers should first have an interesting concept, and work hard to release a game of the best possible quality. The market is full of very good apps and it is very hard to get noticed. Always try to think from the user's position. Don't expect that users will buy your app if you don't like it yourself!

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