Thursday, 7 July 2011

Free Samsung Apps Chart

Apologies for the delay this week Samsung Apps fans! Its been pretty busy in the office, with lots of exciting things going on we cant reveal to anyone! I can, however reveal this weeks top free Samsung apps!

1. Angry Birds by Rovio
2. EA Games by Adam Fulford
3. Angry Birds by Rovio
4. SPB TV Android by SPB Software Inc
5. Angry Birds by Rovio

So ignoring the pigeon infestation above (is it coz my film is in pre-production innit?) we've still got some demo's and mobile TV from SPB Software Inc.

You can see the SPB app in action below -

Looks pretty sweet right, if you're in a wifi hotspot or have a data friendly tariff... I also noticed this just showed up on the interweb - SPB Time Launches on bada platform - seems to be a skinnable alarm clock with some nift touches (who's up for "Paranoid" setting?) to get you out of bed in the morning... cant wait to see it on Samsung Apps!

For more info about Samsung Apps visit -

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