Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Free Samsung Apps Chart

This week's free Samsung Apps chart is brought to you by the Monopoly guy! Nooo, not that Monopoly guy

this one!

AccuWeather / Lizard Eye

1. Angry Birds by Rovio
2. Monopoly Here and Now by Electronic Arts Nederland B.V.
3. AccuWeather Clock_m by Chelsea Park
4. Angry Birds RIO by Rovio
5. EA Games by Adam Fulford

So Angry Birds is still top of the stack as the most downloaded app this week, also stealing fourth with its Rio variety. I can see why someone would download it - its the same damn game, but with a different cast.. Not sure what the appeal is with Angry birds, but hey ho, I'm obviously wrong on this one!

Monopoly Here and Now is an interesting app.. Gone are the boot, dog, Iron and hat etc, replaced instead with a laptop, some fries and probably a Royal Wedding Tablet PC.... . I was too tired to play for long so gave up before I beat that laptop into the ground with my successful equity purchasing strategy. In fact, I am too much of a hippy to play Monopoly.. When the game starts, I instantly give away all my money and quit. Its "The Dude" in me... 

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