Thursday, 16 June 2011

NAVTEQ Berlin Developer Day

Ahh Berlin, City that never sleeps and always knows where it is, thanks to Location Based Services provided by NAVTEQ!

Our very own Cheng Luo was in attendance providing an insight into bada (especially looking at bada 2.0) and his own creation BuddyFix, the location based social networking application. I watched his presentation from the office (while I should of been working - hee hee!!) and was pleasantly stimulated by the sound of birds and police sirens. I wonder if the event was similar to our location right now, the glorious Staines?

Potential "BuddyFix" re-designers?

Among the talks from NavTeq, Cheng mentioned being quite impressed by their 3D maps and in-door positioning systems. It's when a provider can seamlessly guide you city-wide to a floor in a building that you know you are onto a good service. NAVTEQ's understanding of mobile advertising also made an impression on us.

Monetising Location was one topics that stood out. We all know about advertising, but who'd of thought about cutting a developer in on a share of SMS revenue? Its a great idea, promoting social messaging applications while generating revenue at the same time. A great way to encourage use of operator services (at a time when everthing is shifting to the web and incomes from operator billing are falling).

bada 2.0 has improved revenue generation opportunities including operator billing, push notifications (which allow your app to interact with users while in the background) and mobile advertising, allowing you to integrate ads from different providers). I know, cause I just did the video!

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