Wednesday, 18 May 2011

QuickStartGuide - Familiar Foundations (the bada orange presentation) Videos

The following videos are an edited version of the “bada: Familiar Foundations” presentation from the recent bada Orange Partner developer event held at Orange Labs in London. In this presentation we introduced some of the standard technologies that bada is built upon and showed how your knowledge from other platforms can be used to give you a head start when developing for bada. We paid particular attention to discussing the similarities and differences between bada and Symbian, but the material presented here should be a useful bada primer, no matter which platforms you are familiar with.

Part 1 (above) looks at comparisons between bada and other mobile operating systems, provides an overview of the code libraries used (NewLib C and C++ standard), looks at preventing memory leaks with two phase construction and provides an overview of the 21 namespaces.

Picking up at "Everything is asynchronous", Part 2 examines the role of Listeners in bada and looks at alternatives to C++ that can be used when developing with bada (HTML, CSS, Javascript and FlashLite 3.1 and Actionscript 2.0). Part 2 also features our exciting quiz, where we give away a brand new Wave 2 phone!

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