Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Android Smartphone webserver .apk files at SWIFT Beta Lab

SWIFT’ stands for Samsung Web Integrated Framework Technology, and is an embedded web server, currently available for Samsung Android devices.

With SWIFT, users can access and manage device services and contents through a web browser and developers can use standard web technologies such as PHP, HTML, Javascript and Java to create apps. 

Use Kies Air (available via Samsung Apps on your Android phone) as an example of what the framework can do...then feel free to play around! We've suggested a Casino game in our tutorial on the site, but theoretically there are no limits to what you could do. SWIFT will launch initially on Android, but will eventually be available for bada and next generation TVs, meaning early adopters will get some excellent experience developing apps that will eventually be first to a very large, very popular market. 

In the beta Lab, you'll find all everything you need to create your own applications and services using SWIFT

For more info about SWIFT please visit-  innovator.samsungmobile.com/swift

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