Friday, 27 May 2011

"Buddy Fix Developer [2]: Messaging" video now online

In the second part of our BuddyFix developer series we look at how BuddyFix implements messaging. We examine the role of the bada server, show how messages are sent and received and explain how the last message from a Buddy can be shown, together with their location, on a map.
BuddyFix is our open source, location-based, social networking application. This series of videos is designed to explain how the BuddyFix code is organised and how you can use bada's powerful social networking features and the BuddyFix code as the basis for your own applications.

Why not download the BuddyFix source code from sourceforge today at

Got a Samsung Wave? Download the app for free at Samsung Apps here!

For more info about bada check

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