Thursday, 26 May 2011

TheGameCreators' cross-platform App Game Kit

The guys from TheGameCreators (TGC) have a pretty neat cross platform technology called App Game Kit (AGK). It supports several platforms and of course also bada. Read on for more.

We found this video, in which TGC's Lee Bamber shows how the new AGK can compile your games and then broadcast them to devices on your local WiFi.

The AGK deals with the screen resolution differences and chooses the correct input method for each device. We think: This is pretty cool technology! And should ease some developers' pain in supporting various platforms. Check it out here:

TGC are also responsible for the currently most successful bada app Mr Dork. Check out our free bada App Charts for more.

For more info about bada check

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  1. Looking forward to having a go with this app developer!....... when will a demo be ready??


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