Thursday, 28 April 2011

Win a Wave II with #badalondon

With one week to go before our bada Orange partner event we thought we should let you in on cool informal give-away we’ll be running at the event. We’re keeping an eye on the hashtag “#badalondon” – please use it, pass it around and play with it. Our favourite tweet from now till the event will get a brand spanking new Wave II phone as a prize!

The tag - #badalondon  

The prize – A Brand Spanking New Wave II

The lucky winner will be announced during the event so make sure you can come along to pick it up.

What do scores make? WAVE II's!!

We'll also be giving away a Wave II for the highest score reached on our own app AiRaid - Rise Of The Undead (this could get quite competitive so be warned!) - again the prize will be handed out at the event so why not practice in advance by playing AiRaid right now!?!.

For more info about bada check

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