Wednesday, 27 April 2011

AppTank -- think tank: connecting developers and projects

Looking to build that killer app but don't know where to start?

If you've got an idea for a success story in the making but lack the technical skill or time to get it off the ground, AppTank might be just what you’ve been looking for to turn your dream app into reality!

We are not related to AppTank whatsoever, but we are keen on helping our developers monetise their skills and gain access to exciting projects wherever possible. Scanning the Cool Websites and Tools email from (which we recommend!) we noticed AppTank.

AppTank offers a no nonsense matchmaking service, putting businesses as well as individuals (full of ideas, but lacking technical ability) in touch with developers or software companies (who've got the skillz!) to make sweet sweet mobile applications together. I can only see good things with an arrangement like this - developers want to develop and get paid and people who cannot or do not want to code, want a pain free way of contracting their services.

AppTank's service was started end of 2010 and serves already a network of 900 developers and initiated projects worth a total of over USD 1 million.

How It Works:
You either have an idea for a mobile app project (i.e. "client") or you can realise one i.e. ("developer").
In the first case you are a client:
  • You first sign up at AppTank and submit your project proposal. Your ideas can be protected by NDAs.
  • After approval the project is published and developers can bid on your project.
  • You can then screen the profiles of the developers who placed bids. You can also contact them directly.
  • Then you decide for a developer and hire her/him/them for realising your project.
  • When the app development is done, you review and approve the work of the developers.
  • Now you can publish, distribute or exploit your app however you want.
  • It is totally up to the client and developer how the payment for the development efforts is accomplished (one-off payment, revenue share etc.).

In the second case you are a developer or software company:
  • Create an account on AppTank. It is free and there are no hidden costs and you are not legally bound to AppTank in any way.
  • Create and customize your profile and preferences. And select to have preferred projects filtered to eliminate the hassle of reviewing each project to find the one that is best for you.
  • After projects have been published by clients you can review them and bid. As a developer you pay really little money to get first-class leads. This is a way better investment than marketing campaigns.
  • Pitch to the client why you are the best developer for their project.
  • If you are selected as developer for a client’s project, then it is time to get to work!
  • After the work is done, the result is handed over to the client.
  • Again, it is totally up to the client and developer how the payment for the development efforts is accomplished (one-off payment, revenue share etc.).

To make use of AppTank as a developer you can develop on different platforms -– soon also bada. We are in touch with the guys from AppTank and they told us that they participate in the Webby Award in the category of Web Services & Applications alongside of such calibres as Dropbox, Tumblr, Eventbrite.

So, we like AppTank and will definitely give them our vote. If you do so too, go here to vote.

For more information checkout

For more info about bada check

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