Monday, 25 April 2011

SAMMI Weekly 18th~25th (2) : Issue - Security and Privacy

Samsung Developers shares the weekly highlights with fellow developers.

Here's the part II of this week; on Android, and Dev Tips

(Part I is found at this link)

3. Issue: Privacy, Security

- Last week, one of the hottest issues was gathering location information w/o permission what A company did. Even it enables tremendously valuable service based on the location info, could we say it just in terms of privacy issue?

- Not only Apple has these privacy/security issue, of course. Android, which is really easy to tweak, is also same as 'it has weak security'.

1) the Trigger; revealed that Apple stored the users' local info

Apple Is Tracking You To Build Something Very Valuable: Its Location Database

2) Privacy controversy rises.

4) Skype, the VoIP service provider, is not perfectly secure.

Skype Admits Android App Privacy Vulnerability

5) Smartphone era, now it's time to take a deep breath. It's security.

Smartphone Users in the Dark when It Comes to Security

4. Cloud and more

- obviously the coming era is of web and cloud, all the information would be stored at huge data server and users can easily access to it thru the Cloud(web). Then, the reliability of the cloud is crucial. Some news, however, shows exactly what we concern.

1) Apple hires an ex-Microsoftie who're specialized in data center, to build its clod capability.

Apple hires away Microsoft data center guru, cloud push imminent?

2) Amazon, the No.1 commercial cloud player, even faced outage

Amazon’s outage in third day: debate over cloud computing’s future begins

3) Sony also faced an outage of PlayStation Network.

Five days and counting: Sony’s PlayStation Network outage continues

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