Monday, 25 April 2011

SAMMI Weekly 18th~25th (1) : Samsung News, Market Issues

Samsung Developers shares the weekly highlights with fellow developers.

This week, SAMMI continues to introduce news for the developers those're hesitating to dive into a certain mobile platform. Take a quick look below and make it happen.

1. Samsung News

- Samsung, the world's biggest electronics company, is continuously expanding its capability of convergence and collaboration.
- Samsung showcases connected TV experience

- Verizon Wireless Unleashes DROID Charge By SAMSUNG

2. Market Issue

-Smartphone, and media tablets are no more just fad, these devices are really changing the way of computing.

[ Mobile Explosion; now it's not just a fad]

1) Apple, is the definitely the one who grab the key of this era, reported its surprising Q1 report.

-Behind Apple’s Blowout Quarter: iPhones, MacBooks And China

2) Someone talks about the impact of mobile revolution; asked himself whether it's fundamental(paradigm-shift) or not.

-Mobile computing is changing software and the PC – but don’t be afraid!

3) Media tablets, are changing the industry of entertainment and media. Flipboard-like apps are the new standard of using media, and the Netflix is now the biggest media in US in terms of entertainment contents.

-Are Apps Like Flipboard the Future of Media?

-Netflix to Become Largest Subscription Entertainment Business in U.S.

4) and the AR aka Augmented Reality, is expected to impact on the librarian's work.

This Augmented Reality App Will Make Being A Librarian A Whole Lot Cooler

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