Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Promising future for bada ahead!

A very interesting report has been published recently by the market intelligence company ABI Research which is specialized in global connectivity and emerging technology. They predict a promising future for the bada ecosystem, which -- to be honest -- is what we are striving for and actually expect to happen.

Senior analyst Michael Morgan states that "Android, bada and BlackBerry have a great opportunity to fill the vacuum being left by the disappearance of the Symbian OS within the next two years". This sounds like good news to us. Read on for more...

ABI Research reported that in 2010 302 million smartphones were shipped. This means a growth of 71% compared to 2009’s shipment levels. This growth is not too surprising and was expected. What was a surprise, however, according to Vice President Kevin Burden is the "19% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) contained in our forecasts through 2016."

In particular the report suggested that bada as one of the newer entrants in the smartphone OS aiming at low- to mid-range handsets did a quite impressive job. Michael Morgan states that "with 4 million units shipped in 2010 (amounting to a 1.5% market share), bada has taken off very well, very fast," and adds that "bada may reach 10% market share by 2016." At this point we have to correct the figures: Samsung shipped 5 million devices globally in 2010.

Regarding our competition, also Windows Phone 7 is supposed to have a bright future exploiting the Nokia channels which should take "7% of the market by 2016." RIM, on the other hand (with 16% of the market in 2010) may lose some ground: 14% is the forecast for 2016. "RIM has found its niche," according to Kevin Burden "but the consumer market will grow faster than its portion of it."

Find the whole report here

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