Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Free Samsung Wave Apps Chart

This weeks Free Samsung Wave Apps chart comes to you live, from the balmy Florida Keys, where we compile all the raw data for the chart, before whizzing it off around the world for dissemination (in our go-carts). For the full top five most downloaded UK apps continue reading after the jump!

1. Krazy Kart Racing developed by Konami Digital Entertainment
2. Asphalt 5 developed by Gameloft
3. 100,000 Free Books*
4. Photo Editor developed by BadaDeveloper BadaDeveloper
5. Video Editor*

Now I had a great deal of issues finding Photo Editor, until I realised my browser was cunningly only looking for Wave apps, not Wave II apps (I thought they were compatible?) - Not sure if that's a feature or a bug - I
guess it depends on the user, but I'd certainly like to be able to see ALL the apps my smart-phone can run...

While I've got my rant head on - hey Metronome app developers (yep, I'm talking to you M-GaTE, SEPEFREI, Sakshi Chauhan) - please link your apps up to the frickin volume button? Then my awful drumming would blossom and become awesome as I'd be able to hear the click! I'm even wearing industrial ear protectors, with my Samsung Wave headphones underneath... Now I'd buy that for a dollar!!

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