Wednesday, 6 April 2011

BuddyFix new features video (coming soon!)

Just got through filming the BuddyFix new features promotional video - took about two hours to get the lights sorted, adjusting the position, luminosity and then after all that the white balance on the camcorder... I miss the days of manual zoom....
Sameer's tears @ the lighting

This was our second try, after the first was abandoned due to rubbish ambient light... Its a real challenge filming @ the Institute - if its a direct to camera scene, the delightful sounds of Staines creep in requiring extra audio edition in post-production and anything else takes a long time to master the light... 

Cameraman's eye view...
But we got there in the end, capturing all the use-cases of BuddyFix, including SMS/MMS your position to any smart-phone and share your position via Facebook which helped to really show off the app's cross-platform capabilities...

I'll be crunching it over the next few days so stay tuned and I'll let you know when its completed here!

Dont forget you can get your hands on the open source code via sourceforge here


  1. :D. I never imagined 1 minute video shoot will take more than 4 hrs.. phew... its tough job.
    hats off to Ben :)


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