Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Free Samsung Wave Apps Chart

This week's free Samsung wave apps chart is the most exciting EVER! Its the first week, we've seen one of our own in the top five free UK Wave apps! Our very own AiRaid - Rise Of The Undead has made it to the big time! Keep reading for the most downloaded free UK bada apps...

Turn Em
1. Turn Em developed by Online Marketing Solutions
2. DjScratch developed by theRebels
3. AiRaid - Rise of the Undead developed by SERI
4. WindowsLive Widget developed by riccamgom
5. Rugby Kicks developed by Distinctive Developments Ltd

So Turn Em increased from position two last week to the top spot this week, with Windows Live Widget retaining a steady fourth spot on the list. New to the list are the cheeky-bit-of-fun DjScratch (all this scratchin's making me itch!), our very own freaky-bit-of-undeathness AiRaid - Rise of the Undead (something about the undead making me twitch?!?) and the jaw droppingly awesome Rugby Kicks (ouch, thats torn it)...

DjScratch features a "precise scratch engine" to make your own tunes, but neatly pointed out by the first  customer review on Samsung Apps, no crossfading =  a very realistic/lifelike game (and sadly not a usable partay solution).
Speaking of realistic games, make sure you check out the very well realised Rugby Kicks - I was blown away by the experience of playing, although have to say - was rubbish at it! Might be worth getting the full Rugby Nations to get some practice in first! 

and the Lord said, "Let there be Rugby"

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