Monday, 7 March 2011

bada in Nokia Land

Last Saturday (February 26, 2011) we supported the MobileDevCamp organised by Kai and Mike in Helsinki sponsored by Samsung (and others). Was a wicked event with some 200 developers. Of course we were present and gave a bada talk there, too.

The event kicked off on Thursday with the start of a coding camp. Developers could choose to develop apps for bada, Qt, Android, WP7, or iOS.

On Saturday various keynotes were given. Among them, I presented the bada ecosystem highlighting the new features of bada 2.0. Judgement time for the apps was on Saturday after the keynote speeches.

I met Tomi Ahonen there. He is a guy who has quite something to say about the mobile industry. Check out his blog for more. BTW, he is about to publish his tenth book, which as an anniversary celebration he will give away for free. Check this link for more.

Another really good presentation -- with tons of insights -- was given by Elias from Qvik about "How not to monetize 10 million downloads". The title says it all. Elias used the term "fuck up" approximately 38 times ;) He developed BTW the Wooden Labyrinth 3D app, with which he won the Apple Design Award in 2009. This app was downloaded -- guess what -- over 10 million times.

I also met Ville Heijari, Bird Whisperer from Rovio (Angry Bird) -- and if this fact escaped you: Angry Bird is currently under QA for bada and will soon be available on Samsung Apps (same as Fruit Ninja, BTW).


  1. Thank you to Manfred, for the first use of a swear word on the Samsung Mobile Innovator blog...


  2. This is becoming like the Guardian... right on, brothers!


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