Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Free Samsung Wave Apps Chart

This week seems to of flown by, what with making two commercial vid's for BuddyFix, knocking out a Tweet frenzy for Samsung Jobs and creating lots of lovely assets for while I am off next week. Get the low down on this weeks top free Samsung Wave apps chart after the jump!

1. Krazy Kart Racing developed by Konami Digital Entertainment
2. AiRaid - Rise of the Undead developed by SERI
3 .Movies
4. Samsung Themes Widget developed by FoneStarz Media Ltd
5. Turn Em developed by Online Marketing Solutions

Krazy Kart Racing, by the legendary Konami Digital Entertainment is a welcome breath of fresh air to the free apps chart this week. Bringing some anarchic fun back to the Wave has brought a smile to my morning rush hour these last few days. Taking it's lead from other Kart based racing games Krazy Kart Racing is a sure fire keeper - get it while you can! 

Ghost Types & Points - Spot the Typo!!
Its great to see AiRaid - Rise Of The Undead making an impression - We've had a lot of fun making the game and pretty soon it should be released internationally, so the whole world will be able to share the wealth... We'll soon be launching a Facebook page, so make sure you have a look for "AiRaid" online? We'll be looking to make some enhancements too in the next few weeks, so keep your eyes on the blog for more updates.

We covered Turn Em by Online Marketing Solutions in previous posts and it remains a firm favourite in the chart, proving that well designed software naturally rises to the top of any popularity contest (even if it wouldn’t necessarily win a beauty pageant!)
Like wearing a wig - great idea but just plain wrong

The newest entry on the list is Samsung Themes Widget by FoneStarz Media Ltd - a curious hybrid app, that seems to offer pictures and videos via an official Samsung WAP site...for a fee... The tasteful "Vicious Fart!" video I tried to download wanted a pound for the privilege, so I abandoned my purchase at the till and un-installed the beast. I wonder if it will be disappointing users in next weeks top five free wave app's chart?

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