Thursday, 17 February 2011

Quick start guide to bada development

If you’re new to bada development, either moving your app from Symbian, or just excited by the new features coming in bada 2.0, we’d like to welcome you with our ‘Quick guide to bada development’. There’s no marketing and no tag-lines, it’s a strictly just the facts series of blog posts, which offer a quick introduction to the bada IDE and all the development resources that are at your fingertips.

Let’s dive right in and start with an introduction to the bada IDE and show you how easy it is to build a simple application skeleton and start coding.

Downloading and installing the SDK
The bada IDE is based on Eclipse and includes the Sourcery G++ GNU Toolchain with C++ compilers for the Simulator and target devices. Those of you who have used Carbide (also Eclipse based) and C++ for Symbian development should feel right at home.
To get the latest version of the bada SDK which includes the IDE and everything you need to get started, visit the developer site at You’ll need to register as a bada developer before you can download the SDK, but don’t worry it’s free and relatively painless, and once registered you’ll have access to all the resources that the developer site has to offer.

The latest SDK (at the time of writing version 1.2.1) can be found here. You have a choice between downloading the SDK Installer that just includes the IDE and SDK and the Full Installer that includes the IDE, SDK and all the language packs. The Full installer weighs in at about 1GB, so we’d recommend downloading the smaller SDK installer and choosing which language packs to install, since you’ll be keen to get started. Run the installer and it will walk you through the installation process.

Downloading the bada SDK

Check back over the next few days, where we will look at building an example, your first bada app and all the helpful resources to get you up to speed with bada (Label - QuickStartGuide). 

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