Thursday, 17 February 2011

Free Samsung Wave Apps Chart

Due to the massive levels of excitement in the office around MWC, this weeks top free samsung wave apps chart is slightly delayed. The perpetrator will be severely punished and we can only apologise unreservedly for this thoughtless breach of protocol.

1. Mr Dork! developed by The Game Creators
2. Turn Em developed by Online Marketing Solutions
3. Space Hell developed by Marcin Nowak
4. FunnyVoice developed by Bostjan Mrak
5. Amtalee developed by Mariusz Radziszewski

So totally wrong in my last week's predictions (as usual), the chart has remained the same, with Mr Dork!, Turn Em and Space Hell taking the top three free Samsung Wave app downloads this week. My daughter loves FunnyVoice, but is waiting for more voices to be added (please Bostjan - update us soon!). New to the list this week is Amtalee developed by Mariusz Radziszewski - Of course I download and play every App I review, but this one had me stumped on the second level! I'm so glad Mariusz went for a gesture based control method, rather than tilt, which means you can ponder a level while leaping off the train etc.. I just found it incredibly hard (anyone else stumped?)

Amtalee - @ a level I will probably never see!
My next awful top tip for the week ahead would be Alchemy Classic developed by Ilya Grachev. I remember reading about an app like this on the iPhone a while ago - Water + Earth = Mud, Mud + Fire = Bricks etc etc... Jolly good fun to see what can be created just my mixing and matching the various elements... If anyone knows how to make the Amino Acids required for life, please feel free to drop me a line!

Alchemy Classic by Ilya Grachev

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