Thursday, 13 January 2011

Visit Samsung Village Today!

Digital media and the social Web have forever changed the way that companies interact with people. Not only do we find and consume information in myriad ways today but we also expect a more open and authentic voice from companies.
We value this new opportunity to better connect with the global community by engaging in dialogue.
With that in mind, today we’re launching the official global Samsung blog. You’ll see new things we haven’t tried before when communicating who we are and what we do. Samsung is a diverse and multifaceted company and we want to offer an inside view of our hard-working people, global initiatives and thinking on vital issues that impact our world. 
With this opportunity comes responsibility. This blog is more than a publishing platform; it represents a symbolic change for us. Like any good blog, it is also a work in progress that will evolve over time.
Along the way we hope to hear from you. We are committed to nurturing this interactive dialogue and hope you will share the journey with us. 

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