Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Free Samsung Wave Apps Chart

So I am hoping you've all downloaded Kies 2 by now (or to give it its full name Kies_2.0.0.11011_16_5) - The guys at MSC have done a really nice job updating it and it seems to be much more about managing your mobile/smartphone life than the previous version - gone is the video editing and clunky interface. Instead you can naturally browse your sim contacts, import from Outlook and generally manage your mobile better (or at least in a more pleasurable way). This week's top five free samsung wave apps looks like this
BlueWave by Amin Sh
1. pool - developed by MobilePie Ltd
2. Magic Torch - developed by MagicApp's
3. BlueWave - developed by Amin Sh
4. Broken Screen - developed by Elyptics SRL
5. TouchRetouch - developed by Adva-Soft

I've said it before on here and I'll say it again - pool by MobilePie Ltd is an excellent game, deliciously simple and best of all, it's multiplayer so you can pass the Wave between you and a friend. An excellent bada app to download. I'm a little surprised to see Magic Torch and Broken Screen back on the top list, but suspect new Wave users are coming on-line all the time, pushing downloads of the more mature bada app's. I've just checked out the Samsung Apps service via Kies 2 - seems to be a little jumpy, but no major issues. How are you finding it? Have you downloaded it already?

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