Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Encrypting with bada? Check out our tutorial video now!

Just thought I'd let you know the second half of our Security in bada video is almost complete, so if you are planning to utilise any sort of encryption or digital signatures, make sure you catch up on the first half of the video below!

This video introduces bada's security classes, looking at Public/Private Encryption. Part two will continue the excellent Alice and Bob scenario, looking at Digital Signatures and Hashes. Check it out - according to security reports on-line fraud is going to continue to grow at alarming rates this year, while the teams that combat it have all had their budgets slashed. Much better to be safe than sorry we think!


  1. I watched this video tutorial. I find it very useful as it explains various security schemes in detail. I will do pass this informative video to all my friends too. Thanks a lot for sharing.
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