Wednesday, 17 November 2010

New bada SDK 1.2 available soon!

Just to let you know, we've been busy working on the latest release of the bada SDK and I'd urge you all to keep an eye on the developer site so you can download it right away. We will of course announce it here also, but this release has plenty to get excited about. The new SDK contains the following updates -
Application Compatibility
The SDK 1.2 will support all current bada devices and also devices in the foreseeable future. The selection of device runtime version is simply defined in the application profile (aka manifest.xml). So from now on – although we are still in a beta phase – one IDE covers all different bada device models!
Application Launch
This allows apps to be launched on a specific contextual basis (for instance when my mother-in-law calls? (Ed - maybe in future!)). An app can be launched if it fulfils a defined condition, currently supported conditions are either based on a time stamp or if a specific command has been communicated over a serial I/O channel.
Serial I/O
With SDK v1.2 your bada applications will be able to communicate with other devices via a Serial I/O connection. This can be exploited for instance, to exchange control commands between a bada app on your mobile phone and desktop based software on your computer (games, music player etc.).
Memory leak detector
This update promises to allow easier monitoring of memory usage of your app. This should help to build better quality software. In other words the memory leak detector checks if every new operator comes with a corresponding delete operator.
Web & flash application model
The project wizard of the bada IDE allows creating Flash-based bada apps. The ‘body’ is still bada but the app is entirely developed in Flash allowing Flash developers doing their thing.
App usage log 
As you might know, bada’s Lifelog functionality can be used to access communication behaviour – i.e. calls and text messages. With SDK 1.2 you can also monitor which apps have been installed when and which apps have been invoked when and for how long.


  1. cheers!
    thank you SAMMI

  2. "one IDE covers all different bada device models!"
    -> That should be a matter of course!


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