Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Free Samsung Wave Apps Chart (Week 46)

This week, we've been busy working away on an exciting update to the bada SDK (stay tuned for more info!) so things have been pretty hectic but always make time to bring you the week's top five free bada apps
  1. Wordshake - British Council
  2. pool - Mobile Pie Ltd
  3. Tightrope Hero - GoodTeamStudio
  4. Cool BlueTimothy Piche
  5. Broken ScreenElyptics SRL
I was under the impression that local government was trying to reduce expenditure and scale back its involvement in the minutiae of our every day lives, but its nice to be proven wrong every now and then.The "British Council" guys have created a pretty good app here, with Wordshake - think Boggle, but in your phone and with variable timed rounds (I wasn't brave enough to try Extreme!). One word of caution - you don't need to shake your phone. I don't know where that idea came to me, perhaps its from Boggle?

I've been playing pool on my Wave, also finding time to get a game of Dead Runner in when I can!

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