Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Free Samsung Wave Apps Chart (Week 45)

Another busy week behind the scenes at Samsung Mobile Innovator. One of the better bits was getting the excellent Distinctive Developments featured in "DevStory" on the Samsung Apps Facebook page. They've got some awesome apps, so I'm shamelessly plugging them right here! I've just downloaded "Dead Runner" to check out the spooky madness for myself! The U.K Top Five Free bada apps this week are as follows -
  1. pool - Mobile Pie Ltd
  2. Cool Blue - Timothy Piche
  3. Broken Screen - Elyptics SRL
  4. Tightrope Hero - GoodTeamStudio 
  5. Samsung Music Widget - Samsung UK
Not £1 a go, this ones free!!
Having myself been on the local pool team when I was a younger man, I'm very pleased with this 2-player (2 Player!!) free app. Using really nice simple graphics, this game does exactly what it says on the tin, no frills, wonky tables or shonky cue's to put you off. Excellent!  

Cool Blue by Timothy Piche
Its also worth pointing out that we have our first theme on the Free Wave Apps chart. Cool Blue is a nice theme, it provides easy to relate to icons and is well designed. Fingers crossed there will be more like this coming soon!

If you are a developer with a story to tell, why not get in touch? 

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