Monday, 11 October 2010

Free Samsung Application Development - RSS Users Apply Within!

In the office at the moment, we are all about RSS feeds - We're looking for U.K. based companies that would like to extend their brands into the mobile space, but perhaps have been put off by the development process? We've teamed up with a solution provider to create applications for free - all you'll need to do is let us know you are interested! 
Apps created through this system would need to be made available on the Galaxy Tab & Wave family of smart phones, meaning the app wouldn't be for sale (to the end user). But a free mobile application on two of the hottest mobile platforms in the market at the moment is not to be sniffed at and could become a fantastic messaging/promotional tool to extend your business into the mobile world!

Any U.K. based organisation that already makes use of RSS based content delivery can take part (charities, educational facilities, councils etc. are also welcome!)

Get in touch to find out more!


  1. This sounds an excellent opportunity, and I would certainly like to take part as a scientific journal, to see how this type of application can help with awareness and dissemination of new scientific knowledge. I am an editor of a long-established Journal, Annals of Botany. We are owned by a not-for-profit/charity which aims to spread knowledge about plant science. Like most primary scientific journals reporting results of experiments and studies of plants or ecosystems, our audience and readership is numbered in the thousands rather than millions. We do, though, think that our broad coverage of first rate science, along with news comments and subject reviews, means we provide an overview of all the most interesting current work in plant sciences. Of course, plant research allows us to address many of the most critical issues facing humans and the planet today - food and food security, climate change, health and energy to name a few.
    Our blog, and Journal website, (run on our behalf by two other not-for-profits, Oxford University Press and Stanford's Highwire) has the RSS feeds, and we would certainly like to integrate an app on the Samsung mobile platforms.

  2. Not sure how I 'get in touch to find out more' - there seems to be no link on the blog page. But I am very interested in looking at the prospects of this app for dissemination of primary science in general. Thanks. phh4(a)


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