Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Galaxy Tab Publishing with Samsung and WoodWing

At the recent IFRA Expo in Hamburg the publishing world got a further glimpse of the digital publishing future, with the heady cocktail of the Galaxy Tab and WoodWing's Adobe In-Design based productivity enhancing plug-ins. But what does this mean for the traditional content publisher?
I was lucky enough to be able to see an industry legend wax lyrical about the current state of the publishing industry as a guest at WoodWing's recent World Tour. Mario GarcĂ­a has ink running through his veins, he's been in the industry for so long, he feels like he has seen all this before. "No medium kills another, the current breeds just need to make room at the table for the next" he said, of course referring to digital publishing and its effect on traditional print models. The printing press killed handwriting, the radio killed the printing press, Video killed radio etc etc...But each dead medium still exists, happily keeping publishers and advertisers in employment, just with different production methods and revenue models. With savvy marketing and reduced production costs, digital publishers can be more productive than before, with smaller production teams, making engaging content using multimedia items from other streams when available.

Where a front page news story traditionally might feature a captivating still image, with a multimedia production the still image can now become a single frame from a video that will play out when activated (a video, featuring a short pre-roll ad perhaps?). Competitions can become more engaging, the Sudoku or Crossword puzzle can feature a high score table updated on a daily (or even hourly) basis.
With print Publishers have to get a reader to stop reading, put down their content and interact. With digital multimedia content this is now another seamless touch point.
PC's are for the 9 - 5, but the tablet can offer a more pleasurable on-line experience...a leisurely place to attend to those "read it later" emails, in a comfy chair or lounging on a sofa. In this respect, tablet publishing has conquered the living room like a traditional pc based publishing experience cannot.

For more information about Tablet Publishing using WoodWing's productivity enhancing software, check them out at

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