Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Free Samsung Wave Apps Chart (Week 41)

Its been a busy week at Samsung Mobile Innovator, but as the boss is now away, we've all decided to finish early today! Yipee! Which means, I need to fill you in on the top five UK free bada apps sharpish!
  1. Magic Torch - Magic App's
  2. BBC NEWS AND SPORT - Samsung mobile UK
  3. Bruce Lee Dragon WarriorBruce Lee Enterprises, LLC
  4. BadBalls - Artur Mazurek
  5. Connect 4UTobias Wohlfrom
Yep, its all the usual bunch of stalwarts here on the top five apps list, but wait, whats this? Un Interlopen? Badballs has popped in at number four pushing Need For Speed™ Shift off the list! By all accounts, Badball's reviews read like its pretty addictive too, sorry, I downloaded the game and meant to finish this review, but was trying to beat my 1st high score! This game isn't too pretty, but it is highly addictive!
Players simply have to make a line of five balls to clear that line - sounds simple right? Well it would be, if after every turn more balls didn't appear on the game board, often blocking your planned lines! Its a really nice app and has a slightly retro (I hate to say it) Tetris/Qbert style theme to it that works in its favour. Great stuff Artur!

While I write, its worth pointing out we still have some spaces left for U.K. businesses that would like a totally FREE RSS aggregation app for the Galaxy Tab & Wave family. For more details get in touch ASAP!


  1. hi
    can u please share the link from where u look over the top apps of the week??

  2. Hi Aviral,

    Sorry, Its top secret! You'll have to subscribe to the RSS for regular updates.

    Take it easy!


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