Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Free Samsung Wave Apps Chart (Week 31)

This week’s Top Five Global Samsung Apps have a distinctly sporty feel with the following taking the lead - 
1. Need For Speed™ Shift - Electronic Arts Nederland B.V.
2. Magic Torch - Magic App's
3. Exciting Freekick- MINIGATE
4. Basketball - Uangel
5. MiniSports - Borazone

"Exciting Freekick", "Basketball" and "Minisports" are all new to the global top five Wave App downloads as the sporting vibe carries over from the recent World Cup. "Exciting Freekick"'s name sums up the game (perhaps minus the exciting bit?), while "Basketball" is a one fingered exercise that'll keep you flicking for ages. "MiniSports" is a whole different kettle of fish, providing not one, but five different events to try your hand at. Even the in-game menu music is worth mentioning! On the whole, great fun so grab it free while you can!

While I write I am sorely tempted to part with almost a fiver (£4.50) and get Tetris Refresh - I've been a fan the game for years. It’s so ingrained in our culture it’s almost a legitimate time waster.... Who's with me?

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