Thursday, 4 August 2011

Sillicon Valley Android Bootcamp: the word

As we pulled up to the Immersion campus, I was very appreciative of how small and exceptionally light our devices are. If they weren’t, I probably would have toppled over from the weight of our usual marketing gear! Note to self: bring a wheelbarrow next time. J In any case, we made it in time to set up two Galaxy S IIs and two Galaxy Tab 10.1s in the testing lab of the Silicon Valley Android meet-up last Friday. We even had a couple minutes to breathe before our Android guru, Hod Greeley (aka Hodster), took to the front of the room to go over the basics of Open GL ES, and how you can use it to create 3D graphics in Android.

This month’s meet-up was split into two tracks, one for beginners and one for advanced Android developers. There were some great presentations from Verizon and Immersion as well as some experienced individual developers on user interface design, use of haptics in applications and NFC. Developers also had the chance to test out their applications on the latest and greatest devices on the market for 3 hours of uninterrupted time thanks to our pals at T-Mobile and yours truly (ahem hem) ;)

So here’s the cool part about this week’s blog. If you send me an email ( with how you would explain what a frustum is to someone who is new to OpenGL, I will send you a cute little Android pin!* Whichever explanation I like the best will have their answer posted on next week’s blog as well as our Facebook site!

A very big thank you to our very friendly host, Suzanne Nguyen from Immersion who managed to pull this great event together!

*Subject to when I run out of them :)


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